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Rose Gold x Tie-Dye Pink


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⚠️SleekStrip Swappable Collection⚠️

The strip can be detached from the base and swapped onto any other in this series!

A gorgeous blend of pastel pink and yellow features our most classic rose gold base. This design adds a romantic touch on any style of phone/phone case you have. It might look soft and sweet, but it is made of the most premium material and provides the durability you’ve been searching for in a phone grip


Our Features 

✨ Quick and easy installation - It only takes 30 seconds to install SleekStrip on your phone / phone case. 2 additional tape included in the package in case you want to reinstall it on a different phone

✨Durable phone grip made of high quality material- SleekStrip is made of premium space-grade alloys and specialized steel to ensure durability and versatility.

✨Slim and lightweight- At only 0.11 inches thin, SleekStrip fits in your pocket or your small bag.

✨Two in ONE- Get a phone stand and phone grip in one! 

✨Dual-angle View - 2 different viewing angles you can choose when you prop it up as a phone stand

✨Compatible with other phone gadgets - SleekStrip is fully compatible with magnetic phone cases, car mounts, MagSafe wireless char gers, and more

✨Hands-Free Viewing - Sturdy and functional! Use SleekStrip whenever you want to surf the Internet, shop, work, or follow your favorite recipe.

✨ Pocket and purse friendly — Lays perfectly flat on your smartphone and easily slides in and out of compact pockets and small bags.

✨Say goodbye to dropping your phone - Stay on the move without accidentally dropping your phone and cracking your phone screen

✨ Universal application - SleekStrip is compatible with most iPhones, Android phones, and phone cases.

✨ Selfie helper - Take selfies with a sturdy grip and without worries of dropping your phone

✨ Modern Minimalist Design - Ultra thin design without a bulky and awkward look. 100% pocket friendly


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