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Mag SleekGrip-X

Slim Basics x Vegan Leather Panel


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Mag SleekGrip-X (Slim) with Vegan Leather Panel

Introducing Mag SleekGrip-X (Slim): Simplify your life with this versatile accessory. It's a phone stand, grip, and multi-tool, adapting to your needs. Designed for Android and iOS devices, our Mag SleekGrip-X (Slim) features a modular panel system for easy swapping. Its embedded magnets securely mount your phone to metal surfaces, for easy hands-free use anywhere. Choose between Card and Slim versions for a cardholder. Upgrade your mobile carry with Mag SleekGrip-X today.


All about Mag SleekGrip-X (Slim)

MagSafe Strong Magnet
SleekStrip utilizes the strongest N52 magnets on Mag SleekGrip-X, ensuring a secure attachment to your phone.

Swappable Panel Customizable Functionality
SleekStrip offers an exclusive range of swappable panel designs, which include magnetic panels (available in vegan leather and carbon fiber styles), Anywhere Panel (optional add-on), and 6-in-1 Multi Tool Panel (optional add-on).

Multi-Angle Stand View Content  Easily
SleekStrip's design strip lets your phone stand horizontally at various angles. Snap on the Anywhere panel for an extra 55°-85° vertical viewing range, enhancing your viewing experience effortlessly.

Patented Grip Design One-Hand Operation
SleekStrip's patented design strip is easily propped up with your thumb, offering additional grip points for a secure hold on your phone.

6-in-1 Multi-Tool Panel Tackles Your Daily Problems
The sleek and compact stainless steel 6-in-1 Multi Tool Panel offers six useful tools: a box cutter, cord cutter, flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, and imperial/metric ruler.

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