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DuoFlip: Slate


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Flip in one second, tap in both sides. DuoFlip brings an unprecedented minimalist style to the busy urban professionals.

  •  Innovative flip design
  • Rapid dual-sided sensing
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Integrated phone stand
  • Paired with versatile accessories

*Rectrator included, Lanyard sold separately.

  • Dimensions | L96 x W67 x D9 mm / L3.8 x W2.63 x D0.33 in
  • Weight | 60.8 g / 0.13 lbs
  • Material | PU leather, TPU, ABS, Magnets
  • Card Storage | 1 on each side

Flip Easily, Tap Effortlessly: DupFlip has 2 card slots, one with a window for ID card, and the other one covered for other cards. Perfect for holding your essential ID and/or cards. Innovative Flip Design makes you Switch ID/cards instantly without the fumbling and facilitates seamless transitions between two sides. Offering a hassle-free solution for storing, displaying and tapping essential cards.

 MagSafe Compatible, Integrated Phone Stand: DuoFlip is designed to seamlessly and securely attach to your phone via MagSafe technology, eliminating the need to remember one more item to bring along, ensuring all your essentials are in one place.DuoFlip also provides phone stand functionality in both portrait and landscape orientations for hands-free video watching and easy FaceTime calls.

Pair with Versatile Accessories, Multiple Ways to Utilize DuoFlip: Unlock DuoFlip's Full Potential. Pair it with an optional lanyard or the retractor included for different use scenarios.

Materials. Construction. Durability: DuoFlip uses tear-resistant fabric to create soft hinges for flipping, reducing weight and thickness while ensuring durability with over 100,000 flips and more than 230 material tested. The proprietary 6-layer anti-interference partition between card slots enables proper tapping. The exterior boasts vegan leather for a quality appearance and comfortable feel, providing excellent protection. All layers are sewn together for enhanced durability.

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