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Rose Gold x Scarlet Monogram


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Sporting an alluring combination of scarlet hues, the Scarlet Monogram SleekGrip’s flattering rose gold and deep cherry color coordination create a cohesive and attractive visual. Decorated with a uniquely patterned graphic and a solid black sliding tab, this phone accessory adds a touch of flair to your style. 

Out in town or cozy at home, the Scarlet Monogram SleekStrip is a fashionable and functional addition to your look. 


Our Features

🙏  Stop dropping! — Fits your grip snugly for optimal comfort and holds up to 20 lbs of pressure to provide the effortless one-handed use of your device in any setting. 

📺 Adaptable screen angle — Usable as a multi-angled hands-free smartphone stand when rotated horizontally and adjusted 180 degrees to employ the two available incline variations.

😍 Slim pocket-friendly design — The slimmest award-winning smartphone holder/stand at 2.9 mm thick slides in and out of spaces without resistance || Thin design discourages dust and debris collection.

🎆 Quick and easy application and use — Strong and durable adhesive attaches to your device and leaves no residue upon removal.

🚑 Relieves tension — Designed to alleviate pressure from your fingers and wrist to prevent strain and potential injury || Beneficial for both the safety of your smartphone screen and your metacarpal welfare.


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