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About NFC

A SleekStrip product with an integrated NFC chip? Awesome! 

The NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip is a simple data storage device that requires zero power to operate. 

In our product, the NFC chip has 540 bytes in storage capacity and can be written over 100,000 times. The chip can be used to store information for yourself and even shareable data with others. 

All you need is an NFC-ready smartphone and a free application to write data into the NFC chip. 

Welcome to the future! 


Not to worry, it’s easy to program the NFC chip! 

All you need is an NFC-ready smartphone and a mobile application to write data into the NFC chip. 

There are many applications that do the job, such as the NFC Tools that is awarded by the NFC Forum organization. The application is free to download: 

Once installation is completed, follow the instructions on the website to program your NFC chip. 


All you can do with your NFC chip is up to you! 

There are various uses for NFC chips. How about a digital business card to get you started?

One example of setting up the NFC digital business card:

  1. Go to - a free online service for creating online business cards
  2. Enter your information and tap on Create Card
  3. In the card page you’ve just created, tap on the “Share” button, then copy either the Web URL or VCF file link
  4. Open the NFC Tools app, go to “Write” “Add a record” “URL/RUI”, and paste the Web URL/VCF file link you‘ve copied from, and tap on “OK”
  5. Tap the “Write” button and the app will prompt you to scan the NFC tag
  6. Scan the NFC chip in the product 

Now you are all set and ready to go.

Note: please note that in the NFC Tools App, there is also a field for you to add “Contact” information. However, iOS does not support this way of adding contact information to NFC tags. 

There are also many other functions you can use your NFC chip for, including triggering smartphone functions and home automation for smart devices. Explore different ways of using the NFC chip with the vast resources available online. 

The future is here! 


  • We are not responsible for any issues arising from the use of third-party hardware and software such as the NFC Tools mobile app and the web app. Please use the applications at your own discretion and contact the third-party companies if you have any questions related to their products.
  • The NFC functionality can be affected by factors including the smartphone’s model and operating system, the NFC mobile app, and the nearby radio frequency interference. We do not guarantee the NFC functionality to work in all situations. Please consult the hardware and/or software manufacturer if required.

Our NFC chip specification:

  • Model:NXP-NTAG215
  • Standard:ISO 14443-A
  • NFC Forum Specifics:NFC Forum Type 2
  • Operating Frequency:13.56 MHz
  • Total capacity:540 bytes, 135 pages (4 bytes each)
  • Read/write endurance:100,000 cycles
  • Data retention:10 years