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Gold x Enchanted Marble


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SleekGrip Swappable Collection

The strip can be detached from the base and swapped onto any other in this series!

Make a golden statement with a phone accessory that is just as stunning as you. Add this luxurious piece to your everyday look because you can pull it off effortlessly. This phone grip works with your Magsafe and other wireless chargers. 


All about SleekGrip Premium

Only 30 seconds to install SleekGrip
Our concise video guide ensures a quick and easy installation with three adhesive tapes included for application.

Lightweight and Long-lasting
SleekGrip is made of space-grade steel and zinc alloy base. Weighing at only 12g, SleekGrip is highly durable and light for everyday usage.

Hold and Support your Phone Safely
The two-in-one SleekGrip provides a secure grip to hold your phone. Otherwise, use it as a stand for hands-free viewing.

Convenient and Compatible
Fully compatible with most phone cases, car mounts, and wireless chargers, SleekGrip adheres to your phone perfectly.

New Style Everyday
SleekGrip Premium and Essential are swappable, and this means the strip design can be swapped out to a new one as and when you like.

Explore Life with SleekGrip

Sleek Addition to your Ensemble
SleekGrip's modern and minimalist design elevates the aesthetic of your phone with all the functions and none of the bulkiness.

Hands-free Viewing
Watch your shows and follow your recipe easily with SleekGrip's dual angles of 70° and 35°.

Keep your Phone with Ease
SleekGrip's 2.9mm slim profile means sliding your phone in and out of your pockets easily.

No More Cracked Screen
No more anxiety about dropping your phone by accident. Stay on the move and take a photograph any time with SleekGrip's sturdy hold.


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