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Gunmetal x Rainbow Night


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⚠️SleekStrip Swappable Collection⚠️

The strip can be detached from the base and swapped onto any other in this series!

This SleekStrip will have you steal the show as its captivating rainbow graphic pops in contrast to the bold gunmetal base, producing a radiant display of bright colours. 

By activating the holder/stand features as you slide the pliable material upwards, create an authentic looking, screen protecting, and innovatively designed 3D rainbow arch. 


Our Features

🤳 Safe selfies — Sturdy smartphone holder strap allows for the effortless one-handed use of your device in any setting and keeps your screen unscathed || Specially designed grip ensures a snug fit for your fingers to avoid slippage and device damaging accidents 

🚙 Conveniently compatible — Suited to fit most car mounts and all wireless charging port variations || Ultra sleek construction does not eliminate, or hinder your smartphone’s existing features and adaptations 

📺  Multiple screen angles — Place horizontally and rotate 180 degrees to employ the two available incline variations || Watch your screen from a more upright or tilted position to avoid glare 

🍃 Lightweight all-metal durability — Ultra slim space-grade metal construction guarantees a nearly frictionless and weightless addition to your device with optimal resilience and longevity

🚑 Tension free grip  — Designed to alleviate pressure from your fingers and wrist to prevent strain and potential injury || Beneficial for both the safety of your smartphone screen and your metacarpal welfare

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