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Gold x Jet Black


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Both classic and bold in its appearance, the black manganese steel strap pairs flawlessly with the gold metal base to showcase a striking and timeless colour contrast. 

Perfect for the old soul with a sophisticated sense of style, this subtle yet avant-garde smartphone accessory looks good and feels good with its comfortably designed holder/grip, and regal color combination. 


🎆 Quick and easy application and removal — Potent adhesive attaches the SleekStrip flat against the backside of your cellular device seamlessly and securely || Leaves no unpleasant residue upon removal

🙏 Stop dropping! — Fits your grip snugly for optimal comfort and holds up to 20 lbs of pressure to provide the effortless one-handed use of your device in any setting 

🙌 Hands-free screen stand — Leans with a more angular or upright posture depending on the orientation of your device to reduce the effects of glare and to conveniently offer a viewable monitor for your benefit 

Stress relieving grip — Designed to reduce stress in your fingers and wrist from strenuously gripping your cellular device || Alleviates metacarpal tension and prevents the notorious "smartphone pinky"

💎 Abrasion resistant  — Avoids debris collection and avoidable battering with an innovatively slim design || Easily slides in and out of compact pocket spaces without excess friction at only 2.9 mm thick.

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