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Chrome x White Marble


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Personalize your unique style even further with the wispy grey and luminous white marbled SleekStrip. Bright, tasteful, and perfectly paired with the light silver pigmented chrome base, this smartphone accessory is a posh and professional statement piece. 

Keep things elegant yet functional in the office with the impressively sleek and durable white marble SleekStrip.

💎 Anti-tarnish and abrasion resistant — Made with high quality materials to combat deterioration || Slender construction circumvents the accumulation of refuse that leads to quicker wear and tear 

🪐 Universal application — Functional on either an Iphone or Android, the Sleekstrip’s secure adhesive is easily applicated to any smartphone and leaves no residue when removed 

👀 Watch while you work —  Functional from two angles contingent on the rotational position of your smartphone || Hands-free videos may be seen from more acute or obtuse angles for your convenience

🤳 Safe selfies — Sturdy smartphone holder strap allows for the effortless one-handed use of your device in any setting and keeps your screen unscathed 

Stress relieving grip — Reduces stress in your fingers and wrist from tightly  gripping your cellular device || Snug and comfortable grip alleviates metacarpal tension and prevents "smartphone pinky"

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