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Wallet x Multi-tool x Phone stand x Digital business card

Pack Minimal with Mag SleekGrip-X


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Our first-gen product SleekGrip was a massive hit.

Its simplicity and ingenuity make it a must-have for those seeking to travel light and minimal.

Now that MagSafe is here, we can fully take advantage of the versatile magnetic connection and create something entirely new, yet oh-so-familiar.

Meet Mag SleekGrip-X, a modular wallet made to cater to your daily needs.

Features Highlight

Here's a sneak peek of the few things Mag SleekGrip-X can do.

Multi-angle Phone Stand

When the strip is engaged, you can position the phone in portrait and landscape to achieve 3 angles: 15°, 25° & 60°.

To further increase the angle of adjustment, snap on our Anywhere panel and instantly increase an additional 55° to 85° viewing angle.

Whether you’re conference calling, monitoring your stock performance, or simply watching videos on your phone, our versatile wallet has an ideal position for you. 

RFID-Protection Card Holder

The Mag SleekGrip-X offers two-card capacity to house your credit card/transit card.

The roomy cutout on the back allows easy access to the cards.

The card holder is made of RFID-blocking material, giving users an extra peace of mind knowing their RFID-enabled cards are safe.

NFC Digital Business Card

The SleekStrip wallet features a blank NFC chip. Users can easily create e-business cards via free apps and then share them with others in an instant, saving you the hassle of collecting physical cards or typing data.

6-in-1 Life Card

The sleek and compact stainless steel card provides 6 useful tools: a box cutter, a wire cutter, a flat-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, as well as an imperial/metric ruler.

Designed to merge seamlessly into your everyday carry, our Life Card tackles your daily problems like a champ.

Our Story

Hailing from Canada, we’re here to transform the phone accessory world as you know it. We believe in the art of subtraction. We weed out the unnecessary and keep only the essence. When all the distractions are removed, we’re left with something absolute. A product that does not interfere with the existing functionality yet complements the aesthetics of your device.