Having resistance putting on a bulky phone stand/grip?
We feel you. 

Hello! I’m Patrick, inventor of SleekStrip. We spend so much time on our phones watching content and taking photos, it’s no wonder that phone stands and grips have become so popular. But why do they have to be so bulky?!

After searching far and wide for a phone stand/grip that wasn’t awkward looking, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew there had to be a better way, especially since the bulkiness of most stands compromises your phone’s ability to charge wirelessly or fit into a car mount.


With its patent pending design, SleekStrip is the durable and stylish phone stand and grip we’ve all been waiting for! It’s only about 2.5mm thick -- more than 50% thinner than similar products on the market!

Patrick Sung
iQOOL Design Inc.

Creator of SleekStrip

Industrial designer - iF Design Award winner


Pacific Design Engineering

Engineering consulting


Gina M. Lupino
Lupino Law

Registered US Patent Attorney

Patent Counsel


Marcus Hann
Marcus Hann Film

Marketing video production


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