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Rose Gold Base + Emerald Aurora SleekStrip


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Lively and vibrant, the Emerald Aurora SleekStrip brings fun and exciting pigments to brighten up your everyday life. With a glowing rose gold base, the perfect contrast is created for the bold emerald green and buttercup yellow colour gradient to stand out. 

Decorated with charming miniature suns, this smartphone accessory promotes a refreshing start to your day and alludes to a beautiful morning aurora. 

🚙 Conveniently compatible — Suited to fit most car mounts and all wireless charging port variations || Ultra sleek construction does not eliminate, or hinder your smartphone’s existing features and adaptations

👛  Pocket and purse friendly — Lays perfectly flat along your smartphone to effortlessly slip in and out of compact spaces without encountering resistance or potentially damaging abrasion

😎 Sturdy stand — Station your smartphone horizontally and rotate it 180 degrees to view your screen from a more uptight or angular perspective on a flat surface whenever necessary 

🙏  Stop the drop! -- Fits your grip snugly for optimal comfort and holds up to 20 lbs of pressure to provide the effortless one-handed use of your device in any setting 

🪐 Universal application — Functional on either an Iphone or Android, the Sleekstrip’s secure clear adhesive sticker is easily applicated onto the back of any smartphone and leaves no residue upon removal

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