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Rose Gold Base + Ruby Sunset SleekStrip


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Deep rosy pink colour gradient coupled with the complimentary rose gold metal base creates an illusion reminiscent of a ruby sunset for a tranquil and alluring addition to your smartphone’s appearance.

Catch sunsets and even sunrises without fears of screen damage or dropage! For worry-free moments and exciting adventures, the Ruby Sunset SleekStrip has your smartphone’s back. 

😍 Slim pocket-friendly design — The slimmest award winning smartphone holder/stand at 2.9 mm thick slips in and out of spaces without resistance || Thin design discourages dust and debris collection

🌌 Space-grade metal alloys — Entirely constructed of durable metal alloys || Solid stature and secure adhesive enables the smartphone holder/stand features to withstand up to 20 pounds of pressure 

Stress relieving grip — Reduces stress in your fingers and wrist from strenuously gripping your cellular device || Snug and comfortable grip alleviates metacarpal tension and  prevents the "smartphone pinky"

📺 Multiple screen angles — Place horizontally and rotate 180 degrees to employ the two available incline variations || Watch your screen from a more upright or tilted position to avoid glare 

🪐 Universal application — Functional on either an Iphone or Android, the Sleekstrip’s secure clear adhesive sticker is easily applicated onto the back of any smartphone and leaves no residue upon removal


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